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❝ It disturbs me to learn I have hurt someone unintentionally. I want all my hurts to be intentional. ❞

- Margaret Atwood, Cat’s Eye  (via viage)







*nearby lesbian laughter*

*muffled asexual snickering*

*conflicted pansexual noises*

*moderately panicked bisexual muttering*


*Catholic dancing*

"Mean Girls" Rant →





It’s suddenly striking me how weird it is that the entire impetus for the plot of Mean Girls is… homophobia? lesbophobia?

The thing Janis hates Regina for — what motivates her to contrive to “ruin [Regina’s] life” — is that Regina started a rumor that she, Janis, was a…

Yeah I read her as bi too! And then in the end the punchline is that Janis is actually Lebanese and this was misunderstood or misheard?

yea i feel like op’s interpretation of the film is bi-erasive and heteronormative. just cos janis kisses kevin gnapoor does’t mean she’s straight? janis reacts to being bullied for being thought of as a lesbian, regardless of her actual sexuality. people are awful to her all because of something that regina did to her. and that bullying has obviously had a lasting effect that has led to her wanting some form of revenge. that’s what janis reacts to, not the fact that she was called a lesbian. so the film is basically highlighting the problem of bullying (in any form) and how awful it can make a person feel. janis never confirms or denies that she’s attracted to women and the original post is pretty simplistic and erasive.


omfg all of these replies are so embarrassing

Perussuomalaisten pamfletti: Näin pakkoruotsi sortaa valtaväestöä →

haha on mullakin mielipiteitä ruotsin opiskelusta mutta nää argumentit kyllä aiheuttaa vaan myötähäpeää

valtaväestöä sorretaan! poikia sorretaan! kielten opiskelu koulussa on kuorma!

tai niinku näine perustein voisi mun puolesta tehdä ruotsin opiskelusta pakollista kaikkialla läntisessä maailmassa

If you happen to have a male child (just saying), would you keep him and how are to you plan to do so, meaning qualities to instill etc?

i haven’t thought about having a child so i haven’t thought about the possibility of having to raise a boy and i don’t want to think about it either

magnolia, locust, poppy

Magnolia: Favorite kind of candy?

salmiakki (salty liquorice, i.e. black licorice for you americans except with ammonium chloride that makes it taste amazing)

Locust: answered

Poppy: What color was your childhood home?

we moved twice but they were all grey on the outside

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I feel like it would be dangerous for us to watch movies together bc I am the same, haha.

i’m pretty good at controlling it when i have company but yes we could probably fill a bathtub

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