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to be fair, i used to say things like “being a feminist does not mean you’re an angry lesbian” too, but then at some point i was like……. wtf stop hitting yourself

Lesbophobia is people either assuming that two women can't have sex without a phallic shaped object (dildos, strap ons, etc.) OR thinking that if they do, then they're into men as well. So frustrating!

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that feeling of satisfaction when you finally finish hanging all of your fish on a clothes line in the middle of an empty field


[Stripping] was a crappy job. I feel really offended when people act like it was some sort of feminist statement. I don’t feel that way at all. There’s a frankenstein monster that came out of the riot grrrl scene, which has always bothered me, which is that sex work is a) eroticised, b) exoticised… .

Although I’m talking about it now, I didn’t do it for the story. I want people to know it’s a shitty job, it’s degrading and there are women there who were twice my age, paying for their kids’ tuition so that their daughters could go to gymnastics class. So fuck you, coming in and doing it for five minutes so you can write about it. It’s classist, I guess. Making fun of women who really have to do that job. Wearing a disguise.

- Kathleen Hanna (via somewhereinaburstofglory)


if your best attempt at getting women to join feminism is telling them that “not all feminists are angry lesbians who don’t shave!!” i need you to write me a five-page essay, 12 pt font, double spaced, on why angry, hairy lesbians are a bad thing

i know i’ve reblogged this before, but atm i’m trying to write a learning diary/reflection (that is pretty much turning into angry feedback) for a gender studies course, and basically i just want to hand in this post because why should i reflect on why her lecture made me feel horrible

isolatedgoldfish replied to your post: okei kviöör finglish riipii mun korvia…

Siis eikai kukaan oikeesti käytä pervo-etuliitettä :o

Siis akateemisissa piireissähän pervotutkimusta on yritetty käyttää queer-tutkimuksen suomalaistettuna nimenä jo vuosia D: Etenkin Suomen queer-tutkimuksen seura tykkää nimetä kaikki tapahtumansa ja julkaisunsa pervo-siksi ja pervo-täksi. Puhutaan pervouttamisesta (queering), pervoudesta (queerness), pervoista asioista (queer adj.), pervopolitiikasta jne. En oo kyllä ikinä kuullu sitä käytettävän missään kuuntelemisen arvoisessa kontekstissa.

okei kviöör finglish riipii mun korvia muttei kyl niin paljon et haluisin sen korvattavan pervo-sillä ja pervo-tällä D:


"Queer pre-modern, queer longue durée, queer moments, and queer uses of queer history"

there’s a queer studies seminar at uni on friday and this is the actual title of one presentation

i kinda want to go there just to hear that pronounced by some poor native finnish speaker


one thing i love about the L word is when the credits roll and it’s all like “older lesbian” “nervous lesbian” “semi-drunk lesbian”

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